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Download: What If I Say Challenge| Instrumental




What If I Say Challenge Arts

What If I Say Challenge

Fast rising Nigeria artiste, Jayzen a.k.a Worldboi has decided to engage other Nigerian artistes and Dancers on What If I Say Challenge.

What if i Say” is a new song by Jayzen Wordboi and the best artiste or dancer with the highest Views, Likes, and Loves Wins the challange.


1. Download the “What if i Say” instrumental/beat below.

Audio Player00:0000:00

2. Record your Cover at the free space provided in the Instrumental you just downloaded. or Make dance video of the official song . CLICK HERE to Download what if i say mp3 for dancers

3. Upload your freestyle or dance video on Instagram with the hashtag #whatifisaychallange and make sure you tag & follow @supremetrendmedia and @worldboiafrica (To make your Entry Valid).

4. Entry will be posted on @supremetrendmedia Instagram page (Only those that followed the steps above will be reposted).


Winner will get N5,000 cash prize.

Plus Free Premium Music Promotion on Supreme Trend Media


  • FM InterviewS
  • Free Art Works
  • Steady Online Hyping



Winner will get N5,000 cash prize.


Entry Starts:- 10th August 2020 & will End on the 25th of August 2020.

What are you waiting for?

Wish you best of luck

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STM Lists

Top 5 Reasons Why Some Upcoming Artistes Will Never Blow This 2020




 Top 5 Reasons Why Some Upcoming Artistes Will not Blow This 2020 (stm)
Top 5 Reasons Why Some Upcoming Artistes Will Never Blow This 2020

It really doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. The ability to win in the music industry begins with you and thebig steps you are taking.

Despite the competitiveness in Nigeria’s music Industry, we have come to notice many upcoming musicians taking dumb steps and expecting to blow.

As one of Nigeria’s Best Music & Entertainment website, we feel all these dumb moves by our upcoming artistes should not continue in 2020 as there are lots of amazing talents wasting away because they are not doing the right things.

This list is not to crucify you as an upcoming artiste but to serve as a wake up call for you to start taking the right step so that you can blow this 2020 despart the corona virus pandemic.


Nobody has the key to blow you. Your content and level of hunger for success is the determinant to blow. Do the right thing and see yourself becoming important.

If e easy, Devolee won’t be struggling under olamide. or  Korede Bello  under Don Jazzy. You should understand this statement better ????

Below are the Top 5 Reasons we think some Upcoming artistes will not still blow this 2020.

1. Desperate Search For Record Label

Many upcoming artiste in Nigeria are still carrying about the thinking that getting signed to a record label is the key to becoming a star. Hell No!

Y’all are getting it wrong. Oladips was way hotter in the industry prior to signing to Reminisce’s LRR records. Man be dropping bangers back-to-back then but now he seems to have been confined to a shell of a record deal which is really affecting his career to be honest.

Instead of going all out desperately searching for a record label, why not keep doing your thing and solicit for sponsorship around from those who genuinely love your music craft.

Remember, Small Doctor was helped by people who love what he does. They helped him promote his first hit single and up till today he is still doing his things solo.

If your song is good enough, People will gladly want to help and associate with you when they see the Potential in you. It’s easy to help a creative person.

Don’t get it twisted, we are not saying signing to a record label is not a good thing for upcoming artistes, instead of going all out to look for them, work hard and make them look for you.

We wouldn’t have added this part but it’s important thing to do – No good record label around like before, Blow and become your own label, it’s rewarding that way, ask Olamide ????

2. Lack Of Proper Funds For Promotion

Our upcoming artistes are all guilty of this attitude. After garnering money up for producing a nice song, the problem of putting such efforts in getting funds to promote the song goes down.

What does it profit an artiste who recorded a nice track but ended up promoting it poorly or not promoting it in the right place?

From our few years experience, we’ve seen a bad song blow because of adequate promotion and good song dies because it was not promoted well.

Imagine yourself as an artiste, after releasing a nice track in the studio then feel the next is to be looking for free platforms e.g audiomack for promotion? You are indirectly killing yourself and wasting your time.

It’s a known fact that Blogs pay a huge role in promoting artistes these days, but whatever is what doing is worth doing well. Don’t forget the fact that no matter how good a song is, it needs a massive audience to listen and get the song to the outer world.

If you are ready to take your music to the next level this 2020 then click here for a big music promotion.

3. Not Paying Attention To Some Little But Important Details When Dropping Songs⁣

As an upcoming artiste, one of the reasons you might not ‘blow‘ in 2020 is that you have refused to pay close attention to areas that make up a good song.⁣

Song Title

Little details like the song title, you should pick a song title that is easy to relate with by all class of people, from young to old.

How can you expect to get an hit song when your song title is wack. Most hit songs in Nigeria today are just 3, 4 or 5 letter in them. Talk about SocoFiaballerIf and others *Forget Shepeteri ????????.

If your title must be long, it has to be something trending. Just like when Trod released “Lazy Nigeria Youths”, the title alone will make you want to listen because, that was trending then.

Use your Face on your Artwork

Secondly, as an upcoming artiste, endeavor to always use your face in your artworks, so that fans can register your face in their heads and also feel connected with you. When you finally blow, putting your face in all artworks might not always be necessary.

Put your Social media handles on your Artwork

Meanwhile, lot’s of upcoming artistes do artworks without including their social media handles. This is a mistake that can cost you lifetime opportunity. We have received mails from some big record companies to provide contact details of some upcoming acts who promote songs on our website.

While some were lucky we found their contacts, some were not but guess what? If they had included their social media handles in their artwork, the record companies would have contacted them directly.

However, it is important to note that your artwork design really tells how serious you are with your career. No one will download your song if your artwork is whack. In most cases, the dopeness of your artwork gives people the impression that your music is dope.

So, before you start using that your Alakuko or Alagbado graphics designer this 2020, think about it well.

Here at supreme trend media we have professional graphic designers who can design a professional artwork for your next project, so feel free to contact us for that click here

4. Famzing A-List Artistes On Social Media⁣

Dear Upcoming Artistes,⁣

Stop that low spirited acts this 2020 as part of your hustle to become a blown artiste.⁣

Famzing already establish artiste on social media will not help you in anyways, rather it will demean your ego anytime the artiste bash you with a savage response.⁣

You know how savage all these A-List artistes can be atimes. Just stay loyal to your grind, when you make wavy jam, they will come looking for you. We don see enough example yapa ????

We are not saying you should not tag them in your Instagram videos or tweets but begging them to sign you in comments section and DMs will mean you’re worthless.

The truth is, fake love is real in the music industry, be hardworking and build your fan base in the little way you can.

No one will sign you if there is no glimpse that you will be a profitable investment for them. Never!

5. Desperation To Make Money From Music As Upcoming Artiste

Most of upcoming artistes forget the fact that their first career goal is to be known and famous for good music but it quite unfortunate that they easily get carried away with “Raba” to the extent that they upload their music on iTunes for people to buy.

Why will I buy your song when I don’t even know you?

⁣Nigerians don’t buy songs, so it’s unreasonable to start chasing money with music when your fan base is so little.

Be wise, release your music materials freely for everyone to download and listen. The more people listening to your songs, the more popular you become.

When you become very popular, money will naturally come and then you can start selling your content on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and other premium stores. It’s simple!

Also some upcoming artistes charge people for shows, you never blow you dey charge for show, who wan pay you?⁣

This is 2020, change your ways and make sure you’re always on the right path.

The End!!

Do You Agree With This List?
What Other Reasons Do You Think Some Upcoming Artiste Will Still Not Blow In 2020?

Drop your comments

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